Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Flying to Meghalaya where the clouds come home

I left my research tower at the London School of Economics after sending the 2nd draft of my thesis to my supervisor on the 29th of March. I took the last Piccadilly train to Heathrow international airport at mid night. I got the early 6am Air France flight out of London via Paris to Delhi the next morning and spent the night waiting for my check in time at Terminal 2. Thank God I had the wonderful company of a nice girl from Bogotá, Colombia who was determine to keep me awake while having a great conversation with me in Spanish. Well I must say it was nice way to brush up my language skills again in the early hours of the morning. It was a nice quick sail across the English Channel to Paris and then we had to say goodbye and run to catch our connecting flights heading in different directions. I was so tired on the Delhi bound flight and went straight to dreamland the moment we took off from Paris.

It is great to be back home in India where it is much warmer compared to cold and wet England. The journey home from Delhi to Meghalaya was beautiful flying parallel to the mighty Himalayas on my left. I will be resuming the 2nd stage of my fieldwork in West Khasi hills district and collecting household survey data from 5 more villages in the Riangdo cluster. I hope to collect at least 100 interviews and since each one takes about 3 hours, I guess I got 300 solid hours of work ahead of me. I plan to be back to base in London my the 27th of June, just in time for my PhD seminar due at 2pm GMT. Below are some pictures of my homeland Meghalaya. More updates later!

While I was home I also had a great interview with the legendary Lou Majaw our home grown rock 'n' roll star!


Gautam Gupta said...

dear bremely
whenever i look at your work, feelings for india our home and the view for future, i swear i gets driven, a kind of energy strts to flow within me, a kind of vibration, a passion and a true sense of going ahead, no matter how alone i am and no matter how resourse less i am. friend i call you BIG B. yes you truly are. please try to be in touch with me. at gautam.vcareindia@gmail.com or mrgautamgupta@yahoo.com
i pay you my all best regards and i sincerely say that you are my idol. thanks for being there and being such an inspiring personality.

keep up the good work, best of luck for all your research and studies. sorry i lost Aiban's new number and didn't have his mailing address but i feel you will certainly reply back to me as you can see that not being in touch with your idol makes you weaker day by day.

hoping to hear from you soon.
with loads of love and best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Brem
I am in absolute Awe! of you...at just 33yrs you have done so much to inspire and also helped create sustainable communities....

please never lose your lion heart courages spirit...

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo