Tuesday, January 15, 2008

White Christmas in Chamonix by the French Alps

This year I decided to spend Christmas with my younger brother Aiban in a winter wonderland called Chamonix. We flew to Geneva from London where we stayed for a few days at a friend's house and then we took the bus across the French border to Chamonix. It was Aiban's first white Christmas and he really enjoyed himself in the snow.

Chamonix is a vibrant alpine town with a wonderful architectural heritage that bears witness to a wealth of history. The Priory, alpine farms, baroque churches, art deco buildings and palaces are from the "Golden Era". The cosmopolitan atmosphere in this small town is both captivating and enchanting.

The high mountain scenery, the majestic ice falls and glaciers in the area took our breath away. We rode on one of Europe's highest cable cars to the top of the mountains and then went on the cog railways that took us on a journey through time. Chamonix is beautiful alpine town where we witnessed 250 years of mountaineering history. We saw traditional villages and hamlets scattered along the 20km long valley and above all a heart and soul, beating to the rhythm of all those that live and love Chamonix.

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