Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hollywood Swing, Boston Tango, New York Salsa

Swing with the Stars

While I was working in Los Angeles, my Japanese buddy from Hiroshima and I used to go to the Derby to Swing in the weekends. well it was back in 1926, when the first restaurant opened its doors on Wilshire Blvd in Hollywood. Back in the days they say that on any given night, one could find such stars as Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, or John Barrymore on the dance floor. So if you are lucky you may be dancing we the stars from Hollywood who love to Swing. I highly recommend swing dancing, its so cool and you feel like you are flying.
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Tango by Moonlight

While I was working in Boston, I used to Tango on Wednesday nights by the Harvard University pedestrian bridge. Argentine Tango is an amazing, but difficult dance. They guys have to lead the girls, so they must know every step they take. See the movie "Scent of a woman" if you know what I mean. But people of all ages come to dance or just to watch and listen to the music outdoors by the light of the full moon shimmering over the rippling waters of the Charles River. It is indeed in a romantic and atmospheric setting and I highly recommend giving it a shot, if you happen to pass by Cambridge. Check out ok.

Salsa in the Big Apple

While I was working in New York, my colleagues and I used to go to the famous Copacabana to Salsa. I love Latin dancing and the Capacabana is an amazing place to learn and dance to the different styles and music of Salsa from countries like Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, etc. The moves are different from Tango and Swing of course, but it is always worth a try. So if you are ever happen to be in the city that never sleeps, go burn the Salsa dance floor. You will feel like sailing in the wind. The girls can also take the lead in this dance guys. Check out ok..

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Hi Brem!
Quite the lifetime you've got to talk about! It was cool to see all those pics too.
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